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Welcome to the Mercedes Benz page on Here, you can find the latest Mercedes Benz Navigation Map Update for your vehicle from HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ), the most widely used maps for Navigation.

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Navigation updates are currently available for the Mercedes Benz vehicles below:

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Keeping your navigation system current is critical for maximum performance, safety, and fuel economy. HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) is always working to ensure your map is accurate and true so you can drive confidently. Click here to order your Mercedes Benz Navigation Update today!

Why should you Update your Navigation System?

It will help you save time by providing the best possible route, saving you money at the pump by utilizing the most efficient routes to your destinations. Each year HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) regularly updates the map database with new streets and roadway changes. You will also get the very latest available points of interest such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, parks, and much much more.

Have more questions? Click here, select your make and model to access the official Mercedes Benz Navigation site about your navigation system.

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by Robert Sause on
Street Names Would Be Nice

We own a Mercedes E350, a Toyota 4-Runner and a 2011 BMW 535i. Out of the three the Mercedes has, by far, the worse maps. They are not detailed enough, rarely have street names of side streets around the pointer and the print is so small, it is difficult to read. The BMW has a wider screen and more street names. However, our 4-Runner navigation system is easier to use, more legible, with streets more frequently identified and overall far easier to read and use. You would think that a car of this overall quality and $25,000 more expensive than the toyota would have at least comparable maps. On a Mercedes, it's the little things that make the difference. The big things are taken for granted. This feature just doesn't make the cut. I love my car but hate the lack of detail on the maps.