Best Romantic Places to Visit in the USA

Navigation Updates romantic placesCouples love getting away from it all, whether it is work, the kids, or the stress from everyday life. They can rekindle the love for each other during this time away and find the romance that may have gotten lost along the way.  Here are five of the best romantic places to visit in the USA:

Napa Valley, California

Couples can wander amongst the vineyards while enjoying the panoramic views before dining at a gourmet restaurant in the evening. A round of golf is the perfect way to begin a day followed by a visit to a renowned spa in the afternoon.

Savannah, Georgia

The streets of Savannah are filled with architecture, history, good Southern food, and Southern hospitality. Couples can stroll along the river while wandering in and out of boutiques, restaurants, and pubs. Not too far from there is where parts of Forrest Gump were filmed and where the actual events from the true crime story, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil occurred. Everyone will want to head out to Tybee Island when they are in Savannah, so that they can walk along the shoreline, searching for seashells, as the water laps up over their feet.

Aspen, Colorado

Some people love the cold weather and snow that Aspen has during the winter months, and the winter wonderland offers some fantastic skiing and winter sports activities. Couples can spend all day on the slopes, or they can choose to venture out to the museums and galleries in town. Throughout the winter season, festivals are held so that people can have even more fun and exciting adventures.

Boston, Massachusetts

There are numerous tourist attractions in Boston for couples including the swan boats, a stroll through historic Beacon Hill, and a beer at the infamous Cheers restaurant. During the warmer months, couples may want to walk along the Freedom Trail, as they learn more about the history of this city. Other options include taking in a Red Sox game or going on a whale watching tour.

San Juan Island, Washington

This island getaway will have couples getting away from it all, as the most populated town is only one square mile. They can visit an alpaca farm or spend the afternoon on the coast, whether lying in the sun or kayaking out on the water. Evenings will be full of strolls by the lighthouse as the sun is setting over the water and late dinners comprised of seafood.

Before couples leave for any of these romantic getaways, they will want to update all their navigation systems and maps. Don’t waste precious time together getting lost, instead, get around traffic and construction areas quickly and have more time rekindling love and romance.

If you need to update your navigation system check out Navigation Updates.

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What Should You Have in Your Car in the Winter?

Navigation Updates navigation systemWith temperatures reaching below zero and the weather showing no mercy, it becomes imperative to prepare for the cold and harsh winter. People traveling by car need to keep specific items in their vehicle that will help them in case they get stuck on a cold night. These things might prove to be the ultimate lifesaver in case of storms. Since the weather is unpredictable and can turn from a light shower to a full-blown snowstorm in a matter of minutes, it is wise to be prepared.

Keep Warm

In case the car gets stuck in snow, and there is no other option but to spend the time in the car, having some extra woolens to keep warm will make the situation more comfortable. Some blankets, a sweater, and gloves would prove very handy during an emergency.

Dry Snacks

Food not only keeps the energy level up but also helps to deal with stressful situation in a better way. By keeping some non-perishable snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc.) in the vehicle for an emergency situation is a wise decision. When there is no telling how long the car will remain stuck, something nutritional and energy giving to appease the pangs of hunger will ease the stress.

First-Aid Kit

Driving in rough weather is not only difficult but can prove dangerous also at times. When somebody is hurt having a first-aid kit in the car can help give immediate attention to an injury before help arrives.

Mobile, Batteries, Navigation System

Having a fully charged mobile phone will allow contact with emergency personnel and direct them where help is needed. Having a flashlight with some extra batteries is also an excellent precautionary measure especially at night. A navigation system that would guide through unknown places and streets is like a buddy. It would not only prevent a person from getting lost but also help him in heavy traffic.

Small Toolbox

Sometimes having tools that can help tighten some bolts in the vehicle can make all the difference between reaching home on time and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is also wise to keep some jumper cables that would help jumpstart a dead battery.

Getting all the above things together will not take much time and would prove extremely helpful in unpredictable weather conditions. It is better to be safe than sorry and hence it is better to be prepared to face the worst possible scenarios.

Update your navigation system so that you don’t get lost in bad weather check out Navigation Updates for an easy and economical way to keep that GPS up-to-date.

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GPS Update Can Get You To the Best Places to Ski

Navigation Updates GPS updateWinter is coming, and perfect skiing weather is almost here. Now is the time to start planning your ski holiday using your GPS. Getting lost is easy during winter because everything looks different when compared to summer and signs may be covered with white snow. When you get a GPS update, traveling to the best skiing places in the USA is easy! Maybe you can pick one of the skiing destinations we have introduced in this article.

Lake Tahoe

This lake never freezes, but it doesn’t mean that skiing isn’t possible near this biggest alpine lake in the United States. There are several different skiing resorts, and thousands of tourists travel from Nevada and California to spend relaxed weekends full of winter sports. The best spots for downhill skiing are on the north side of Lake Tahoe, but you will find them quickly using GPS. You should travel to Lake Tahoe if you want to see breath-taking views while skiing.

Aspen, CO

Aspen is known for the annual Winter X Sports event that draws skiers from all around the world. The skiing hills of Aspen vary from easy to extreme so that anyone can enjoy a skiing holiday in this winter wonderland. In addition to fantastic ski hills and exciting winter events, Aspen has several luxurious resorts that are popular amongst rich and famous people. You can find this idyllic but luxurious mountain town by following the route in your GPS.

Bend, OR

Spend your skiing holiday in Bend if you enjoy drinking. This city in Oregon has as many breweries as it has skiing possibilities. Cross-country skiing is popular amongst the locals, but as a tourist, you can try different forms of skiing. After a long day of playing in the snow, you can end your day drinking high-quality beers and cocktails.

Stowe, VT

This small city in Vermont is best-known because of the state’s highest mountain, Mt. Mansfield. Annually there are over 400 inches of snowfall, and that makes Stowe a perfect skiing destination. The city and its surroundings have several exciting skiing areas and mountain lodges. You should also visit the local skiing and snowboarding museum while on a break from the alpine skiing. Finding the museum and Stowe’s skiing resorts is easy when you use your GPS.

To perform a GPS update today, go to Navigation Updates.

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Begin the New Year with New Navigation Maps

Navigation Updates navigation systemYour car’s navigation system is how you get around, so what happens when it doesn’t have the most up-to-date information?  Some cars’ GPS systems auto-update, most do not.  Roadways are continually changing, and some mapping software updates are as often as every week.

Keeping this in mind an excellent new year plan is to update your GPS system.  Let’s explore why.

Roads Change

The worldwide infrastructure is always changing.  Without updates to mapping software, your GPS will not know about these changes.  That can lead you down the wrong road or cause you to end up at dead ends.  Having the most updated maps helps you to get to where you are going.

Scheduled Road Closures

Navigational updates often carry with them more information than just new and closed roads.  Usually, they will give information on scheduled road closures.  This data can help you to know when streets aren’t available.  Imagine going on your commute only to find your way to work blocked.  While not all scheduled road closures are included in an update, a few can save your day.

You Don’t Know When You Will Need It

A common misconception is that you won’t need your GPS if you don’t travel out of your usual environment or if you have your phone.  But what happens if your phone dies?  What happens if you need to go somewhere new?  It comes down to the fact that you never know when you will need your GPS system.

Increases Resale Value

When people buy a car, they want to have all of the features.  If a GPS system isn’t up-to-date, you are missing out on a portion of the resale value.  While it may not be a significant amount of money, the money you are missing out on can help to pay the update fees.

Updating Is Easy

In most cars, an update is straightforward to perform.  All you need is to switch out an SD card or place a CD/DVD into the drive.  This method isn’t for all in-car navigation systems, but most automobile companies have endeavored to make the process simple for users.  Making it simple helps to ensure that users will choose to update.

There are very few reasons why you wouldn’t want to update the GPS system in your vehicle.  In the modern world of a continually changing environment, it can be extremely beneficial.  So don’t wait and update your GPS for the new year.

For more information on updating your navigation system, check out Navigation Updates.

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Santa Needs Updated GPS to Navigate Deliveries

Navigation Updates GPSWith Thanksgiving now behind us for another twelve months, it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite time of year- Christmas! It’s certainly a hectic period.  You not only have the task of purchasing and wrapping presents for everyone on your list, but you also have the halls to deck with all your most beautiful decorations. But while the festive period is exceedingly busy for most of us, spare a thought for poor old Santa Claus. You think it’s tough finding the perfect gifts for all your nearest and dearest- try doing the same for every kid in the world!

Not only that, but Santa also has to make sure that all those presents get delivered to the right address. Even one small mistake could mean a Christmas catastrophe! How does he do it? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret- sometimes, even Santa’s reindeer can’t find the most efficient route. On a foggy Christmas Eve, it’s hard to know which path to take. Instead, he relies on a sleigh mounted GPS!

Naturally, he always uses the very latest navigation systems, because so much can change in the space of a single year. Approximately one in five routes change over a twelve-month period. Without the latest info at his fingertips, old Saint Nick just wouldn’t be able to make it across the world in a single night.

Unfortunately, navigation systems don’t update themselves. That’s why Santa-always makes sure his systems are fully upgraded before he sets out- and you should follow his example. To find the most efficient routes on the roads this Christmas, and to ensure you don’t get surprised by any road changes that might have been made since last year, keep things up-to-date.

The holiday season sees roads jam-packed with traffic, as millions of people travel to see their relatives and friends. The last thing you want is to get delayed even longer because your navigation system is on the fritz. So, whether you’re just going from point A to point B, or delivering presents to every kid in the world, be sure to arm yourself with the latest updates for your GPS system well in advance. That way, even a regular Joe can travel across town as fast as Santa’s sleigh!

Check out Navigation Updates for all the latest map updates for your GPS.

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Update Navigation System Before Holiday Travel

Navigation Updates navigation systemThe built-in navigation system of a car plays a vital role these days. The navigation system we see nowadays are different from the initial designs regarding the features and efficiency. Many vehicles come with a built-in GPS, and these integrated systems are more compatible with the vehicle’s operation than the handheld or portable devices. However, updating a car navigation system can be a pretty time-consuming task.

Updating the phone’s map is a straightforward task. As long as the phone is connected to the internet, the respective app (Google Map, for instance) will automatically update whenever it is necessary. The GPS systems integrated into cars are not compatible with this type of update. Once these devices remain outdated for a year or so, it becomes significantly less useful. As per the studies, maps get updated every year, and if a particular GPS navigation system is not updated, there is a good chance for it to miss essential aspects (such as shortcuts, new landmarks, etc.).

When the holidays are approaching, a lot of people start to plan long trips, and this is when a navigation system becomes incredibly helpful. Therefore, one of the most important things one should do before planning a holiday road trip is to get the current update for the navigation system.

When the navigation system is updated, it is then dependable. The information offered is more reliable, and the chances for conflicts are incredibly low.  As of today, getting the system updated can be done a couple of ways. Some websites allow the users to browse for the relevant update using the car model. Once the user finds the respective update section, the user can download the data and install it using an SD card. Depending on the model of the system, the user may be able to download the updates directly.  This method is usually the fastest and cheapest way to update.  However, for those who are not confident enough in handling such a task can make an appointment with their dealer and get the system updated. Some dealers may download the data for the user and get it on a DVD or SD card. Going to the dealer is the most expensive way to update and why many people don’t do it this way, but it is an option.  No matter what the method used, every vehicle owner should get the navigation system updated before starting the upcoming holiday travel.

Check out Navigation Updates for the latest map updates for your car’s navigation system.

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Worst Days to Travel on the Roads Without a Navigation System

Navigation Updates Navigation systemWe’ve all found ourselves stuck in traffic every now and again, but there are some days which are much worse than others. Not only are these the days when you’re most likely to run into some massive traffic jams, but they also see the most accidents on American roads. Naturally, you’ll want to avoid traveling on the busiest days of the year, but if you can’t – that’s where a traffic navigation system can come in handy. That way, if you must travel on these days, you’ll be able to take a route that lets you avoid the worst of it.

Summer Weekends

By far the busiest days on the roads are Fridays throughout June, July, and August. As people flock to the airport to go on vacation, head to the beach to soak up some sun over the weekend, or just make the most of the beautiful weather, Fridays are the worst time to head out on the road without a traffic navigation system. Think about it- weekends are extremely busy periods anyway, and summer weekends are when people are most likely to travel. Put two and two together, and you’ve got a recipe for traffic slowdowns as far as the eye can see.


It’s an American tradition for the whole family to get together on Thanksgiving- and that means havoc on the roads. The AAA estimates that some 44 million Americans travel long-distance to see family over the long weekend, with over 90% of those traveling by car. Although many people think that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest day to go, it’s Thanksgiving itself which takes the prize during this week.

Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend

These two dates mark the bookends of summer, and it’s, therefore, no surprise to hear that they are particularly bad for traffic. On Memorial Day weekend, tens of millions of people celebrate the start of summer by shaking off those winter blues and traveling somewhere for a fun day out in the warmer weather. The same thing goes for the Labor Day weekend, as countless Americans try to cram one last summer weekend in before the school starts and the cooler temperatures of Fall descend.

New Year’s Eve

While New Year’s Eve isn’t quite as busy as some of the other dates on this list, it’s still a peak time for traffic, since people go to visit friends and family to see in the new year. What makes this a particularly deadly date that it’s the time when the most significant number of drunk drivers are on the roads as people often have had a bit too much to drink before heading out. For that reason, it’s advised that you avoid driving wherever possible on New Year’s Eve, to keep both you and your family safe.

So before you head out into traffic, update your car navigation system for the latest maps and points-of-interest.  Check out Navigation Updates and you’ll be on the road in not time.

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Popular Destinations for a Family Thanksgiving Vacation

Navigation Updates vacation destinationsThanksgiving at a perfect vacation destination can be an exciting way to celebrate gratitude and festivity. Therefore, let us give you a handy list of some fantastic places for a Family Thanksgiving Vacation.

Orlando, Florida – It’s an ideal location for vacation especially if you have kids. Theme parks, i.e., Disney World and Universal Studios have extended hours during Thanksgiving to double up the fun.

Keystone. Colorado – If you’re fond of skiing, Colorado is best for a ski weekend getaway. You can celebrate Thanksgiving at the crowd-less beautiful snowy tops of Keystone.

Washington D.C – From the Annual Holiday Parade, National Mall, musical shows, classical theatre performances to Six Flags America, you can cherish every moment at Washington’s grand Thanksgiving celebrations.

New Orleans, Louisiana – New Orleans is an ideal spot for food lovers and what is Thanksgiving without the perfect feast.  Enjoy mouth-watering triple-poultry dishes, vignettes, crawfishes, and deep-fried turkey!

Santa Fe, New Mexico – During Thanksgiving weekend, the 3-day winter Indian Market in Santa Fe with 200 artists leads to unending entertainment with a lot of music, dance groups, and unusual pieces of art.

Plymouth, Massachusetts – If you have an interest in history go to the place it all started.  Meet the American natives from the history books in the Thanksgiving parade at Plymouth and Plymouth Plantation museum.

New York City – For a grand city vacation, go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Big Apple with all the colorful balloons and musical acts.  It is breathtaking.

Hawaii – In November, a less crowded Hawaii is all you need for a calm Thanksgiving Family Vacation. It can get rainy in these months, but southern and western coasts usually remain dry. The beaches at Waikiki and even enjoy the Holiday Parade.

Las Vegas, Nevada – On Thanksgiving, the Sin City can be a perfect family vacation spot with its amusement parks, skydiving places, and Shark Reef Aquarium.

Lake Tahoe, California – If you’re a ski-loving family and are looking for an excuse to spend your weekend skiing, Lake Tahoe is a likely snowy thanksgiving destination. Nearly 100 inches of snow covered slopes await you, and for your Thanksgiving feast, we assure you lots of tasty traditional cuisine.

Now that you know where you can find the most fun on Thanksgiving don’t let poor destination choice or a poorly working navigation system ruin your weekend.  To avoid any unexpected twists and turns, go to Navigation Updates and update your car navigation system before heading off on your holiday getaway.

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Navigation System Updates for Traveling to Halloween-Themed Town Names

Navigation Updates navigation systemOctober is here, and we all know what it means! When pumpkins and ghosts start to show up in your local stores, it is also time to plan your own Halloween trips. Did you know that the United States is full of destinations with spooky names? And even better some of them have special events during Halloween. Update now your navigation system and plan your visit to one of these places during spooky October!

Sleepy Hollow, New York

If you haven’t heard the legend of this headless horseman, you can’t call yourself a real horror and Halloween fan. This town truly loves October because their Halloween celebrations last for the whole month. Enjoy evening walks in lantern lights around the haunted cemetery or visit real vampire crypt. There is something for every kind of Halloween fan.

Haddonfield, New Jersey

Does the name of this city sound familiar? Haddonfield has found its way on our list of Halloween-themed towns because Haddonfield was the name of the town in original Halloween movie. Even if the town name in the movie was entirely fictional and located in Illinois, Haddonfield in New Jersey is perfect Halloween road trip destination. Every year the city holds a Halloween parade where hundreds of kids march around in their costumes.

Transylvania, Louisiana

The original Transylvania aka home of Dracula and vampires is located in Europe, but fortunately, USA has a little town full of vampires – even if the locals do not admit to being one. Particularly during October local shops and buildings are decorated fittingly to the city’s name. You can see bats, ghosts and even a few Dracula around the city. If you decide to make a Halloween trip and follow your spooky navigator to Transylvania USA, don’t forget to visit the post office to postmark a postcard with the unique city stamp.

Pumpkin Center

There are places called Pumpkin Center all around the USA. in each location you can enjoy the not so spooky side of Halloween aka pumpkin carving. Find your perfect pumpkin and give it a new look. Maybe something scary and traditional like a creepy face or something modern and fun like a colorful piece of art?

If these places weren’t enough for you or you have a hard time finding them on a map, just update your navigation system to Halloween mode. It’s time to celebrate the creepiest month of the year!

Check out Navigation Updates for the latest revisions for your navigation system.

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Fall Foliage Scenic Drives

Navigation Updates navigation systemsFall is once again here, and we all know what that means! (No, we are not talking about those carefree days back at home with a cup of hot steamy coffee.) There is no time of the year as beautiful as fall. The trees change to magical colors, and the air is chilly and refreshing.  Nature makes you fall in love with fall every year.  It’s perfect time to take a scenic road trip to see the incredible fall foliage. Here is our list of some of the best fall foliage scenic drives around the country.

Skyline Drive, Virginia

Skyline Drive is located in Shenandoah National Park and is often at the top of the list of best American mountain roads with fantastic views. Once you drive it during fall foliage, you will know why. We recommend driving the 105-mile long trip to see some of the most colorful trees.  Best viewing time for colors is about mid-October.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Another mountain destination you shouldn’t skip during fall foliage. The Berkshires is full of small roads, beaches, and charming towns. The area has several different scenic drives so you can make several different trips or even make a few shorter journeys on the same day. If you want to take a break from driving, we recommend boat or canoe trip to see the fall foliage from a little different angle.

Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Columbia River Highway is worth a visit at any time of the year, and it was the first scenic road given National Historic Landmark status. The 75-mile drive is full of things to see, but the most attractive sights are the massive waterfalls. The 620-foot Multnomah is a sight you shouldn’t skip while driving Columbia River Highway during fall. This waterfall and other parts of the scenic drive get extra colorful during fall foliage.

Enchanted Circle Drive, New Mexico

The fourth scenic drive we want to introduce for you has a little bit of everything and that makes it a great destination for a fall foliage trip. Enchanted Circle Drive offers you the opportunity to see small towns, lakes, mountains, serpentine roads and deep gorges bursting with the colors of fall. The 84-mile drive has low-speed limits, and some even call the roads dangerous because of the many gorges and long descents. Just be careful, and the sights will make your trip to see fall foliage extraordinary.

And now after getting some recommendations, it is just time to start planning your next weekend trip to see one or more of these scenic drives. Remember to pack a snack, some hot drinks, and warm clothes. Before leaving remember to update your car’s navigation system so you won’t get lost on your way to see the brilliant colors of fall. These routes are best during the day and remember the sun sets earlier in autumn so plan your drives carefully to maximize viewing.

Check out Navigation Updates for all your latest navigation system updates.

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