Pros and Cons of Using Personal Car for Work

Navigation Updates personal carNo matter whether a person has their own business or is working for a company, he or she should always have concerns about financial controls. As a measure of cost-cutting, many people today use their personal car for work instead of purchasing a separate business vehicle. Such an approach has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at theses pros and cons:

When it comes to the benefits, using a personal car for work is identified to be the most affordable method for business owners.  The respective business owner has to look at the maintenance costs, operating costs, repairs, navigational system updates, and insurance of only one vehicle. However, on the other hand, the respective car may accrue an excessive amount of miles which might reduce the overall value of the car sooner than expected.

As an employee, using a privately owned car for business purposes (client visits, product delivery, business meetings, etc.), entitles the employee to reimbursement of expenses from the employer. The employee should, however, understand that the regular routing of ‘home to work’ is not considered business travel.

In most of the cases, the employer can reimburse a flat per-mile rate (which should be reasonable). The vehicle owner should maintain a mileage log to make this approach a practical one. Recording odometer numbers before and after every trip made.  Apart from that, all the receipts related to the operational cost of the car should be attached to the log as references (gas, tolls, etc.).

If an employee uses his car for business work, they should agree with the employer about the reimbursement policy before the car is used. This agreement should express the per-mile rate the company pays and a list of other reimbursable expenses that can be claimed.

When an employee uses his or her personal car for work and is reimbursed the mileage cost from the company, that amount is exempt from tax. However, if an employer pays more than the standard mileage rate, the owner of the personal car (the beneficiary) is required to pay tax on that amount.

If a person is self-employed or owns a business, there are tax advantages to having a business vehicle.  Although a log has to be kept to separate business-use versus personal-use much of the expense of maintaining the car can be written off under the business.  If the business relies on a navigational system to do deliveries or visit job sites, the updates for that system are included in the maintenance of the car.

So, an individual who uses a personal car for work should have a sound analysis of the pros and cons before moving forward.

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Geocaching and GPS

Navigation Updates GPSWhat is Geocaching?

Geocaching is the modern version of treasure hunting game that uses GPS for finding hidden objects or cache. With the help of GPS coordinates, the participants have to locate the geocache hidden somewhere in the vicinity. Dave Ulmer came up with the concept for the activity in the year 2000 where players use a handheld GPS tracking device to search for hidden objects. Geocaching is an excellent combination of technology, nature, and adventure.

Geocaching Tools

Usually, a geocache is a container with a logbook and may contain items for trading as well.  The geocacher who finds a geocache signs the logbook to prove that he/she did find it and may exchange the items from the box.  These items are inexpensive but have high sentimental value.

Geocachers only need a device such as smart devices which use Global Positioning System and a list of sites where they can find the geocache.  Many websites host free lists while others have premium lists or premium features for their members.  Some apps allow you to download the lists along with the navigation coordinates.  These apps can also calculate the distances to the midpoints and can make intersection calculations.

How to Play Geocaching?

To play this engaging game, the player has to register for free membership on one of the listing websites. Enter a postal code and hit the search button to find the list of all the geocaches near that location. Choose a geocache and enter related coordinates on GPS device. The GPS will help you in finding the hidden geocache. Once you locate the cache, you should sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original position. You can take photos and share related stories online.

How are Geocaches Connected with GPS?

The geocacher needs to download Geocaches on his GPS device. He can download them from cache pages, or get from LOC waypoint file that is available for both basic and premium members. GPX file is another format that is available for premium members only. It contains the description of the geocache, additional hints as well as 20 extra logs. The members who have compatible software can send coordinates directly to the GPS device.  There are many applications available for geocache data management that help in file translation as well as personalization. These apps use 3G or GPS enabled devices for searching and downloading new caches.

How GPS with up-to-date maps help find a geocache location?

While you plan and input a location on your GPS, you need an updated map to help you find the right path.  If the information on the map is outdated, you may start following a route that is blocked or no longer available.

Geocaching is an exciting game, and since geocaches are stashed all over the world, you can play it wherever you are.  Some geocaches follow a particular theme or include challenges to make the game even more enjoyable.

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Vacation Ideas Driving Distance From Dallas

Navigation updates vacation ideas driving distance from DallasEverything is bigger in Texas, including the traffic. Sometimes, driving around town in Dallas is enough to make you want a vacation.  Luckily, with a state the size of Texas, you have a variety of options when it comes to a quick weekend getaway. From wineries to rodeos, the diverse array of style is perfect to suit any taste and budget. So, no matter what you’re looking for, pack up your bags and turn up your radio.  Fill your weekend with food, fresh air, and fun with one of these vacation ideas driving distance from Dallas:

Austin, TX: (2.5 hours) This capital city has an awesome vibe, and a full calendar of events that ensure that every season is worth a visit. With over 250 music venues, it is easy to see how Austin has emerged as a music lover’s paradise, and with a walkable downtown, it’s the perfect place to wander.

San Antonio, TX: (4 hours) Remember the Alamo and build your adventure through history, culture and the beauty of this riverfront city.  Tucked just below the street level is the famed Riverwalk, a great home base for attractions, dining, and entertainment.

Hamilton Pool Preserve: (3.5 hours) This natural grotto is an awesome place to escape the summer heat and go for a swim. Reservations are required and can be hard to come by, but the payoff is definitely worth your effort.

Tyler, TX: (1.5 hours) Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Rose Capital of the World’; Tyler has a natural beauty that is perfect for a little romance.  Be sure to visit Kiepersol Estates, and sample their 100% estate grown artisan wines.

Possum Kingdom: (3 hours) Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending their days on the water. Be sure to rent a cabin on the lakefront, and soak in the hues of the beautiful Texas sunset. If you are feeling particularly brave, this reservoir is home to several famous cliff diving locations.

Fort Worth Stockyards: (45 minutes) Explore this piece of history, with its original brick walkways and impressive wooden corrals. This spot is the place to see real life cowboys herding their livestock, and learn all about the cattle industry.  Check out the rodeo, every Friday and Saturday night, and your authentic Western experience will be complete.

Waco, TX: (1.5 hours) Two words: Magnolia Market. If you are a fan of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, take a weekend to go antiquing through the heartland of Texas.

Within a few hours drive, you can escape the city life (and traffic) in Dallas and enjoy the weekend living large in Texas.  So, set that GPS, crank up your radio, and enjoy the open road.

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Vacation Ideas Driving Distance From Chicago

Navigation Updates vacation ideas driving distance from ChicagoNow that summer is in full swing, and vacation photos are popping up all over social media.  When your vacation time is in short supply, but your wanderlust is incredibly high, turn on the radio, set your navigation, and leave the Windy City behind for the weekend.  Within a couple of hours, you can be soaking in culture, sipping craft beer, lake-front swimming, or outdoor adventuring which makes Chicago the perfect launching point for all your summer road trips. Don’t be limited by your lack of down time. Pack your bags, hit the road, and enjoy.  Monday will come soon enough.  Look at these vacation ideas driving distance from Chicago.

Lake Geneva, WI: (80 miles NW) Perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, this lakefront town offers a chance for visitors to relax in style. Wine and dine aboard the Grand Belle for beautiful sunsets and unforgettable stargazing.

Route 66 to Springfield IL: (419 miles SW) Catch a glimpse of times gone by with this section of the ultimate road trip.  Perfect for history buffs, this route is packed full of wayside exhibits and vintage nostalgia.

Starved Rock, IL: (100 miles SW) With sandstone canyons and 14 waterfalls, this excellent state park is best for outdoor enthusiasts. Leave city life behind and reinvigorate yourself with a little fresh air.

Rockford, IL: (90 miles W) A haven for foodies, this big city has a small town vibe.  With a revitalized downtown area and beautiful public green spaces, it is quickly becoming a hot new road trip destination.

Milwaukee, WI: (93 miles N) Culture abounds as those who love art, music, and food are drawn here.  Festivals and events fill the calendar, bringing visitors from around the world to experience its charm.

Elkhart Lake, WI: (150 miles N) This crystal clear lake is perfect for a little fun in the sun. If you are a landlubber, visit the nearby Kettle Moraine.  This park has great trail access for hiking and biking.

Indiana Dunes, IN: (54 miles SE) If you are up for a little adventure, try the three dune challenge.  This 552 ft vertical climb is difficult, but rewards you with a stunning view.

Grand Rapids MI: (175 miles NE) Art lovers are drawn to the chance to see the beauty that awaits them here.  You will feel worlds away from Chicago as you discover your inspiration.

Sometimes you just need to get away, so pack those bags and enjoy a quick summer road trip. Who says you have to go far?

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How To Update the Navigation System in a BMW

Navigation Updates navigation systemKeeping the navigation system up-to-date is an important part of BMW ownership. Up-to-date maps make navigation easier. It’s recommended that a navigation system is updated every six months to keep all roadways and points of interest accurate. From road closure to street changes, navigation map data is updated with thousands of new streets every single year. A system map update will add thousands of new points of interest, miles of new roads, and new addresses.  The map update will first need to be purchased to upgrade the navigation system in a BMW. From there, the system update is relatively simple and requires only a few steps. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions on updating a BMW’s navigation system.

  1. Purchase your navigation system update. Navigation Updates  will have up-to-date information on all the best navigation systems, including customer reviews to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. You will be able to navigate easily, find your vehicle model, and be directed to the exact navigation update you will require.
  2. Secondly, once the update is purchased, you will want to connect the USB stick containing the map update to the system. The screen should automatically turn to update screen for the navigation system. Select “Start Update” on display to activate the update. Your system may need a 20-digit code if your vehicle does not already have a valid subscription. Select “OK” to confirm.
  3. Leave the USB stick inserted into the system while the system updates. You will be able to continue driving as usual while the map date updates. Your map system will be able to continue to do basic functions normally while the navigation system goes through the map data update. Do not remove the USB until the system update is complete.
  4. The entire update process may take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. During this time, your system should be functioning while you drive. After the update complete, the system will reboot automatically. Following the reboot, your navigation system update is completed, and your map data will be up to date. Afterward, you will be able to use your navigation system with all new information for roads and addresses.


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Using Your Car’s GPS on Vacation

Navigation Updates GPS updatesThe GPS has become a standard accessory for any car. Ever since its introduction, the GPS is considered to be a significant invention that delivers loads of benefits. With the use of this handy device, people find their lives easier. In fact, a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system is a combination of both software and hardware to show directions virtually from and to anywhere. With the assistance of such a sophisticated system, people can reduce their commuting time significantly.

GPS Reduces Cost and Helps Planning

A GPS can help one to live more affordably. With the aid of this technology, people can easily locate nearby gas stations, restaurants, motels, etc. It can calculate the most fuel-efficient route to the desired destination. Many GPS units take traffic into account for their calculations thus reducing fuel-wasting traffic stops. Latest GPS units are seamlessly integrated with sophisticated search engines so that they provide comprehensive information.

One of the greatest benefits associated with GPS is that they facilitate planning. When a person hits the road, it is particularly advantageous to know information such as the time it will take to reach the next destination, available alternative routes, etc. This information is significant for both short distance and long distance travelers.

Despite the enormous assistance provided by GPS devices, the user must know a couple of things to get the maximum benefits. If a person wishes to go on a long trip, he should make sure that all the smart devices are fully charged and have necessary power backups. Apart from that, it is important to check if the USB chargers in the vehicle are properly functioning. Having a GPS go dead in unfamiliar territory can be stressful.

Most of the modern GPS apps come with clear audio instructions when on the move. A wise traveler has the volume set so they can be heard and pays attention to the information given. These directions are used to reach the destination safe and on time. Most of the time, these instructions help drivers to avoid heavily trafficked routes. With the assistance of these audio instructions, the user can drive without being distracted even during heavy traffic.

In general, GPS is a system that adds more convenience to the lives of the modern people who travel a lot (both short distance and long distance). Apart from the inbuilt units in automobiles, various portable GPS devices are available in the market with great features.

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Do I Have to Update My GPS?

Navigation Updates GPS updatesUpdating your GPS in a car depends on how often, how long, and where you travel. If there are overseas trips, updating it just before each journey is important. If the GPS system is frequently used, it would be recommended to do GPS updates with every one provided by the navigation system company. This will guarantee that you have the freshest and most up-to-date navigation information.

GPS updates and developments are getting faster and faster these days. Convenient GPS navigation systems are now standard in many new cars and other vehicles. Not only this but the uses of a GPS in daily life is expanding rapidly.

People now expect much more from their car GPS than street and highway maps. They need to know the speed limits, driving times, and where traffic is likely to be present. They want to know the location of the nearest gas station, or post office, or restaurant.

GPS map updates contain an incredible amount of both valuable and useful information. Regular GPS users quickly become familiar with having all this information at their fingertips. With high expectations for up-to-date information, updating to the latest GPS navigation system is a must.

First time GPS users driving often find it to be an outstanding experience. The device always knows where we are, what lies ahead, and how to get to where we are going.

Individuals who finance luxury vehicles, now demand better and more modern maps and information from their GPS, and software providers are responding.

HERE provides the best GPS navigation updates.

GPS Navigation updates by HERE will give its clients the modern accuracy and availability of mapping.  Keeping the current GPS navigation has many more advantages than only updating a map. Therefore, changing the oil, examining the pressure of the tire, keeping the gas tank full, all these are important conservation tasks. So, updating the navigation system map offers an improved driving experience.

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How Often Do I Need to Update My Garmin Maps?

Navigation Updates navigation systemWith ever increasing traffic and road networks sprouting all across the Globe, there is an urge to develop sophisticated navigation systems. Fortunately, Garmin caters to everyone’s demands quite efficiently. Beating all of its rivals, it not only offers navigation for the drivers, but maps ideal for the automotive industry, golf, cycling and other leisure activities’ enthusiasts and aviation industry. Moreover, the apps are equally good for anyone related to marine life adventures.

Just like any other GPS system, Garmin offers a pretty decent mechanism for updates. It is worth noting that the developers give out updates for mainstream gadgets, such as fitness devices, as well.  Fitbit users, for example, that have the map installed are not deprived of any update, whatsoever.

Garmin maps come in two different ‘flavors.’ In the basic one, users get the app for free, but the update options are quite limited. However, in the case of purchase, the members or users are allowed to download unlimited updates for the lifetime of their device. That’s Garmin for everyone!

Updating Garmin is not a massive task at all. The user just has to download Garmin Express in their computer, laptop, or Macbook and connect the Garmin device via USB cable.  All that the user has to do is click on the desktop application ‘Garmin Express’ and click on the updates tab to have a look at a variety of available updates for a range of devices. If someone needs to update Garmin GPS, they just have to make a few clicks and everything is automated from there.

GPS systems all across the World are typically designed to aid maneuvering and save the public from several hours of hassle on the road. Keeping the app updated assures better performance since each successive update adds new information.

Users who have invested in owning a Garmin, want to get the most out of it. Garmin encourages its user base to keep every Garman app updated on all platforms in order to get the most out of their investment. The updates include enhanced functionality, user-friendly Interface and a lot of backend complexity that enables the users to move around more quickly.

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Do I Need to Update My Map for Hyundai?

Navigation Updates navigation systemThe map navigation system plays an important role during driving as it assists the driver in finding the right path and informs about the nearby places. Hyundai provides a navigational map for its cars which informs the user about optimal paths, traffic situation, and necessary information about the route. However, Hyundai encourages its users to regular update the map if they want to get maximum benefit the system.

Reasons to Update Hyundai

  • New roads are added.  Every year 15% of roads and road names get changed. Updating the map means you are not going to be distracted or confused by changes and reach your destination on time. It’s time-saving and saves you from unwanted traffic on busy roads.
  • The latest update has come up with 253,650 new retail locations and 83,342 new restaurants.  All these new places give the driver information about nearby sites even in unfamiliar towns.
  • Enhanced user interference improves user connectivity with the system while new smart route calculation option enables the operator to maintain fuel and water according to the distance and let him check the covered distance as well.
  • A search bar is added up in updated Hyundai map for quick search where you enter keywords or your destination and get optimal answers. Instead of using search bar manually, you may use voice recognition option to ensure safe driving.
  • With the help of enhanced Bluetooth compatibility, Hyundai map allows the driver to use various mobile features and connect with other devices.

Financial Benefits You Get from Hyundai Update

The perks of Hyundai are not just a few. Safe driving of the car results in reduced emissions and also helps your bank account with lower fuel costs. It’s a sound investment and increases the worth of your vehicle and chances of getting higher rates when you want to sell it.

For an economical option to update your Hyundai navigation system, Check out Navigation Updates.

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How To Enjoy Traveling With This Navigation System Feature

Navigation Updates navigation systemEverywhere we go we use a navigation system to get around.  These useful devices allow us to be able to find our destinations and get us there quicker than ever before.  Do you enjoy traveling?  If so, the points-of-interest (POI) feature on most navigation systems might be of interest you.

The points-of-interest (POI) feature works by looking at where you are and locating things that you might want to see or do nearby.  These points of interest can be historical sites, museums, attractions, theme parks, curiosities and more.  Retail stores, restaurants, and gas stations are also included in most GPS navigation systems.

The exact nature of these points of interest (POI) may vary depending on your device.  Some devices also let you select what you are interested in and from there will mark nearby locations.

Most devices will allow you to filter the search so that you can find a particular point of interest.  For example, you can filter gas stations, historical sights, ATMs, or grocery stores.  Next time you are somewhere and need to find the closest ATM you can try using your GPS.

If you find a point of interest that you want to visit while traveling, the navigation system will help you find the location.  You can either reroute to that new place or have the point of interest added as a waypoint to your overall travel.

When can POIs on your navigation system be helpful?  Just about any time, when you are looking for things to do on a road trip, need last minute gas, or want to deposit that hard earned paycheck.  No matter what your navigational need, points of interest can help.

GPS systems vary because of the data they collect and pull from.  Also, keep in mind is that your navigation system requires periodic updates to receive new points of interest or get rid of ones that are no longer available.  Next time you are out on the road, don’t just drive your car, test drive a point of interest.

For more information, check out Navigation Updates.

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