Best Cars with GPS for Family Road Trips

Navigation Updates GPSNothing matches a road trip with the whole family in the car. More than a third of America’s population intends to take a vacation during the summer season, and most of them are thinking of a road trip with the family. Most people are now more interested in taking road trips with relatively low gas prices. Families now see the value of traveling as a perfect way of bonding and reconnecting in today’s busy world. One question on the mind of these families is which is the best car with GPS for family road trips. An SUV is the best bet and automakers sold more than 6 million SUVs and crossovers. These are perfect for road trips since they can overcome some of the roughest roads out there. Let’s look at some of the best family cars out there:

Subaru Outback

With the newer models looking more like larger SUVs, it’s a standard all-wheel drive with a cargo capacity of 35.5 cubic feet with all seats up. The cargo space and EyeSight is an added advantage for the family.

2017 KIA Sportage

The car has an entertainment system and backup warning system all in the price range of $25000. It also has a satellite radio and Bluetooth wireless connectivity combined with a rearview camera making it lovely. It has a 30.7 cubic feet cargo capacity with all seats up going up to a maximum of 60 cubic feet when seats are folded down.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Nothing beats a car with a useful and accurate GPS system for a family trip. This Chrysler combines the whole luxury minivan style by offering features like noise cancellation, leather seats, and a 3-panel sunroof. It also has stow-and-go seats that can fold in the floor, handless sliding doors, 36000 pounds towing capacity, electronic safety features and a lot of interior cargo room.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe

This is a perfect example of an exquisite family car. You can fit nine people in this car, and it also has Wi-Fi to enjoy browsing and posting your pictures while on the go. It’s an apartment on wheels with the towing capacity enough for a camper or a boat.

2017 Honda CR-V

The family car that has kept ahead of the pack as compared to others like the RAV4 is this king. The cargo space and features like heated seats, leather interior, rearview windows, and a navigation system with controls on the steering wheel, moonroof, Pandora information display are some of the fantastic features keeping the card ahead.

Nothing beats a car with a good navigation system. You won’t have to stop on the way and ask for directions. Your GPS navigation system is the guide on the road, and you will note the difference if you take a family road trip with a car that has no or poor navigation system.

For any navigation system to work optimally, keep the maps and information updated.  To obtain the latest versions, check out Navigation Updates.

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Summer Road Trip Ideas for the Family

Navigation Updates navigation system

The Great Smoky Mountains

One of the best things to do with the family during the summer months is to go on the all-American road trip. It’s less expensive than flying, and so much more of America can be experienced. Updating your navigation system before leaving on any road trip is key to having a smooth ride devoid of wrong turns and wasted time. It’s convenient to have the most updated information regarding rest stops, parks, hotels, and restaurants along the way.

Highway 1

No matter where you live in the U.S. there are several excellent road trip ideas from which to choose. The famed coastal Highway 1 is a perfect example. A good road trip here would be to start at Big Sur, make a spectacular stop at Point Reyes, then end at Eureka to visit some giant Sequoia trees.

The Great Smoky Mountains

On the other side of the United States is the Great Smoky Mountains. Start by taking the family whitewater rafting at Nantahala Outdoor Park just south of Bryson City, North Carolina. Then hop in the car to drive northwest through Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Cades Cove to visit the remains of a 19-th century settlement and view some wildlife. Up the road past Gatlinburg is Dollywood, the amusement park dreamed up by legendary country singer, Dolly Parton.

Big Sky Country

Start this road trip at Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, then drive north to Whitefish, Montana. The family can easily spend two weeks exploring just the national parks alone, with hiking, camping, river rafting and world-class wildlife viewing.

Midwest Adventure

Start in Chicago, Illinois and spend a couple of days shopping, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry and hanging out at Millennium Park. Then drive north along the banks of Lake Michigan to Holland, Michigan where the kids can blow off some steam at the Splash Zone Waterpark. End the trip in Traverse City.

East Coast

For a Mid-Atlantic adventure, start in Washington, D.C. then stop in colonial Williamsburg and Assateague Island, Maryland.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest cannot be missed. Start this epic road trip in Portland, Oregon. Drive an hour east to visit Mount Hood for skiing most of the year. Then head back west to the coast, where Cannon Beach and Seaside will greet you. Drive north on Highway 101 through the rainforest at Olympia National Park, before ending your journey will a couple of days in Seattle.

No matter where you decide to travel being together and experiencing it with your family will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Before you go, check out Navigation Updates for the latest editions of GPS maps for your navigation system.

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Best Summer Trips Using Your Car’s GPS

Navigation Updates GPSTaking a road trip is the easiest way for everyone to see the most of this country and thanks to GPS devices, they can quickly and safely arrive where they want to be. When people use a GPS, they will not need to worry about being delayed during never-ending road work, and they will never lose hours because they are lost. GPS devices are also helpful if people want to avoid tolls and take only the scenic routes to their destination.  Here are the best summer trips using your car’s GPS:

Route 66

People will find that traveling along Route 66 is fascinating at any time of the year, but the summer is the best as the weather is beautiful everywhere from Chicago to California. This entire route is lovely, but everyone will especially enjoy the parts that pass through St. Louis and Flagstaff. The roads of Route 66 have changed over the years, so people will want to make sure that they pay attention to their GPS. Using a GPS with updated maps will allow them to stay on course and even make side trips to the older sections of the route.

Mount Washington Auto Road

The Mount Washington Auto Road is only open from spring through fall because the drive is dangerous during the winter months. While everyone will need their GPS to reach this road, they can turn it off once they arrive. This road was first opened on August 8, 1861, and it is seven and a half miles long. The drive itself offers spectacular views, but there are no buildings to along the route at which to stop – keep driving until the summit.

Route 1

This exciting route will take everyone all the way from the state of Maine to Florida, but people can hop onto it with the help of their GPS from anywhere. With more than five hundred miles to explore, people can find almost anything that they love to do along the way.

Chicago, Illinois

When people travel to the city of Chicago, they are going to find themselves relying on their GPS at all hours of the day and night. As everyone moves from attraction to attraction, they can keep themselves from getting lost. This city is open all night, and everyone will want to visit many of the local restaurants and bars for the delicious food and never-ending drinks.

These are only a few of the best road trips that people can take this summer, and everyone will have a fabulous time on them as long as they pack their GPS with updated maps.

To get the latest map updates for your GPS, check out Navigation Updates.

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Tips for Pet-Friendly Traveling

Navigation Updates navigation systemDue to one reason or another, people often have to travel. However, those who intend to go with their beloved pets have to take extraordinary measures to make their journeys more comfortable. In other words, pet owners need to think of pet-friendly traveling when planning vacations, relocations, camping trips, etc. Let’s take a look at some useful tips for pet-friendly traveling.

Use a Navigation System

Although it doesn’t indicate any relationship between a vehicle navigation system and a pet at a glance, such system can become highly beneficial in multiple ways when you travel with a pet. Depending on the distance you have to go, you may have to select lunch spots, accommodations, restaurants, or parks along your route for stops. Since you are traveling with a pet, you need to choose pet-friendly locations. This is exactly when you need the assistance of a sophisticated navigation system.

Pack Food and Treats for Your Pet

It is imperative to have your pet happy throughout your journey. Depending on the distance you intend to travel, you should pack some extra treats and food for your pet. You have to remember that they are highly distracted when they are being transported for long hours. So, pack some extra treats for your pets, but don’t give them unhealthy junk food just because you are traveling.

Let Dogs Secure Their Temporary Perimeter

As a way of calming a dog down, after reaching your hotel walk your dog around the outside of the building for about 10 minutes. This way, the dog will recognize its temporary border and be relaxed thinking that he has assured the safety of the area.

Drive Slowly

If you are traveling with a pet, drive at a moderate speed. Moving at high speed can be pretty stressful and exhausting for most pets.

Play With Dog

Your dog may not like to stay inside the hotel throughout the day. Therefore, you should take it outside and play with him for a while to let him calm down and make him think everything is OK.

In addition to that, it is essential to take intermittent breaks while driving with a pet in your car. It is important to pull over the vehicle at a suitable place (probably with the assistance of a navigation system) time to time and let the pet walk for a 5 minutes or so; it is beneficial for you as well.

Before heading out make sure your navigation maps are up-to-date.  Check out Navigation Updates for the latest versions of all auto map systems.

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Should You Bring Your Pets on Your Road Trip?

Navigation Updates road tripRoad trips are a great chance to bring your family together and go on a shared adventure across the country. However, while parents and kids will come along for the ride, there’s a question you’ll need to ask yourself- should you bring your pet, too? It’s evident that if you’ve got a pet like a rabbit or a fish, tagging along is not an option. On the other hand, a dog is an obvious choice to bring with you- or so it may seem. In fact, it’s a little more complicated than that, so you need to think carefully about whether or not to take your furry friends along on cross-country road trips. Read on, and we’ll talk you through some of the questions to ask yourself before making this tough decision.

Does your dog deal with car trips well?

The first and most obvious, thing to think about is whether or not your dog will enjoy taking such a long trip in the car. Some love to get out on the highway, sticking their heads out of the window to feel the wind on their face. However, others tend to get quite anxious if they’re cooped up in a car for too long. That’s not to say that you won’t ever be able to bring them along on a road trip- it’s just a good idea to get them more used to shorter rides in the car beforehand.

Is your dog an outdoor pooch?

Road trips are an excellent opportunity to stop wherever you please and enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll likely end up hiking or, depending on where you travel, taking a trip to the beach. If you’ve got your dog with you, then you’ll want to be sure that they will enjoy the experience, and not find it uncomfortable or overly tiring. Indoor dogs may not take well to a road trip, so it might be best to leave them at home.

Will you be traveling over state lines?

Road trips allow you to explore more of our fantastic country, and many people take the opportunity to visit nearby states. If so, then remember that some states have different rules when it comes to transporting pets over state lines. Some require quarantine periods, whereas others ask for an up-to-date certificate from a vet stating that your pet is fit and healthy. While it’s unlikely that you’ll have to present this to anyone, it’s better to be safe than sorry- so pay a visit to the vet before your road trip.

Before leaving on your road trip be sure to update your navigation system in order to locate pet-friendly accommodations.  For the latest updates go to Navigation Updates.

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Best Romantic Places to Visit in the USA

Navigation Updates romantic placesCouples love getting away from it all, whether it is work, the kids, or the stress from everyday life. They can rekindle the love for each other during this time away and find the romance that may have gotten lost along the way.  Here are five of the best romantic places to visit in the USA:

Napa Valley, California

Couples can wander amongst the vineyards while enjoying the panoramic views before dining at a gourmet restaurant in the evening. A round of golf is the perfect way to begin a day followed by a visit to a renowned spa in the afternoon.

Savannah, Georgia

The streets of Savannah are filled with architecture, history, good Southern food, and Southern hospitality. Couples can stroll along the river while wandering in and out of boutiques, restaurants, and pubs. Not too far from there is where parts of Forrest Gump were filmed and where the actual events from the true crime story, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil occurred. Everyone will want to head out to Tybee Island when they are in Savannah, so that they can walk along the shoreline, searching for seashells, as the water laps up over their feet.

Aspen, Colorado

Some people love the cold weather and snow that Aspen has during the winter months, and the winter wonderland offers some fantastic skiing and winter sports activities. Couples can spend all day on the slopes, or they can choose to venture out to the museums and galleries in town. Throughout the winter season, festivals are held so that people can have even more fun and exciting adventures.

Boston, Massachusetts

There are numerous tourist attractions in Boston for couples including the swan boats, a stroll through historic Beacon Hill, and a beer at the infamous Cheers restaurant. During the warmer months, couples may want to walk along the Freedom Trail, as they learn more about the history of this city. Other options include taking in a Red Sox game or going on a whale watching tour.

San Juan Island, Washington

This island getaway will have couples getting away from it all, as the most populated town is only one square mile. They can visit an alpaca farm or spend the afternoon on the coast, whether lying in the sun or kayaking out on the water. Evenings will be full of strolls by the lighthouse as the sun is setting over the water and late dinners comprised of seafood.

Before couples leave for any of these romantic getaways, they will want to update all their navigation systems and maps. Don’t waste precious time together getting lost, instead, get around traffic and construction areas quickly and have more time rekindling love and romance.

If you need to update your navigation system check out Navigation Updates.

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What Should You Have in Your Car in the Winter?

Navigation Updates navigation systemWith temperatures reaching below zero and the weather showing no mercy, it becomes imperative to prepare for the cold and harsh winter. People traveling by car need to keep specific items in their vehicle that will help them in case they get stuck on a cold night. These things might prove to be the ultimate lifesaver in case of storms. Since the weather is unpredictable and can turn from a light shower to a full-blown snowstorm in a matter of minutes, it is wise to be prepared.

Keep Warm

In case the car gets stuck in snow, and there is no other option but to spend the time in the car, having some extra woolens to keep warm will make the situation more comfortable. Some blankets, a sweater, and gloves would prove very handy during an emergency.

Dry Snacks

Food not only keeps the energy level up but also helps to deal with stressful situation in a better way. By keeping some non-perishable snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc.) in the vehicle for an emergency situation is a wise decision. When there is no telling how long the car will remain stuck, something nutritional and energy giving to appease the pangs of hunger will ease the stress.

First-Aid Kit

Driving in rough weather is not only difficult but can prove dangerous also at times. When somebody is hurt having a first-aid kit in the car can help give immediate attention to an injury before help arrives.

Mobile, Batteries, Navigation System

Having a fully charged mobile phone will allow contact with emergency personnel and direct them where help is needed. Having a flashlight with some extra batteries is also an excellent precautionary measure especially at night. A navigation system that would guide through unknown places and streets is like a buddy. It would not only prevent a person from getting lost but also help him in heavy traffic.

Small Toolbox

Sometimes having tools that can help tighten some bolts in the vehicle can make all the difference between reaching home on time and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is also wise to keep some jumper cables that would help jumpstart a dead battery.

Getting all the above things together will not take much time and would prove extremely helpful in unpredictable weather conditions. It is better to be safe than sorry and hence it is better to be prepared to face the worst possible scenarios.

Update your navigation system so that you don’t get lost in bad weather check out Navigation Updates for an easy and economical way to keep that GPS up-to-date.

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GPS Update Can Get You To the Best Places to Ski

Navigation Updates GPS updateWinter is coming, and perfect skiing weather is almost here. Now is the time to start planning your ski holiday using your GPS. Getting lost is easy during winter because everything looks different when compared to summer and signs may be covered with white snow. When you get a GPS update, traveling to the best skiing places in the USA is easy! Maybe you can pick one of the skiing destinations we have introduced in this article.

Lake Tahoe

This lake never freezes, but it doesn’t mean that skiing isn’t possible near this biggest alpine lake in the United States. There are several different skiing resorts, and thousands of tourists travel from Nevada and California to spend relaxed weekends full of winter sports. The best spots for downhill skiing are on the north side of Lake Tahoe, but you will find them quickly using GPS. You should travel to Lake Tahoe if you want to see breath-taking views while skiing.

Aspen, CO

Aspen is known for the annual Winter X Sports event that draws skiers from all around the world. The skiing hills of Aspen vary from easy to extreme so that anyone can enjoy a skiing holiday in this winter wonderland. In addition to fantastic ski hills and exciting winter events, Aspen has several luxurious resorts that are popular amongst rich and famous people. You can find this idyllic but luxurious mountain town by following the route in your GPS.

Bend, OR

Spend your skiing holiday in Bend if you enjoy drinking. This city in Oregon has as many breweries as it has skiing possibilities. Cross-country skiing is popular amongst the locals, but as a tourist, you can try different forms of skiing. After a long day of playing in the snow, you can end your day drinking high-quality beers and cocktails.

Stowe, VT

This small city in Vermont is best-known because of the state’s highest mountain, Mt. Mansfield. Annually there are over 400 inches of snowfall, and that makes Stowe a perfect skiing destination. The city and its surroundings have several exciting skiing areas and mountain lodges. You should also visit the local skiing and snowboarding museum while on a break from the alpine skiing. Finding the museum and Stowe’s skiing resorts is easy when you use your GPS.

To perform a GPS update today, go to Navigation Updates.

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Begin the New Year with New Navigation Maps

Navigation Updates navigation systemYour car’s navigation system is how you get around, so what happens when it doesn’t have the most up-to-date information?  Some cars’ GPS systems auto-update, most do not.  Roadways are continually changing, and some mapping software updates are as often as every week.

Keeping this in mind an excellent new year plan is to update your GPS system.  Let’s explore why.

Roads Change

The worldwide infrastructure is always changing.  Without updates to mapping software, your GPS will not know about these changes.  That can lead you down the wrong road or cause you to end up at dead ends.  Having the most updated maps helps you to get to where you are going.

Scheduled Road Closures

Navigational updates often carry with them more information than just new and closed roads.  Usually, they will give information on scheduled road closures.  This data can help you to know when streets aren’t available.  Imagine going on your commute only to find your way to work blocked.  While not all scheduled road closures are included in an update, a few can save your day.

You Don’t Know When You Will Need It

A common misconception is that you won’t need your GPS if you don’t travel out of your usual environment or if you have your phone.  But what happens if your phone dies?  What happens if you need to go somewhere new?  It comes down to the fact that you never know when you will need your GPS system.

Increases Resale Value

When people buy a car, they want to have all of the features.  If a GPS system isn’t up-to-date, you are missing out on a portion of the resale value.  While it may not be a significant amount of money, the money you are missing out on can help to pay the update fees.

Updating Is Easy

In most cars, an update is straightforward to perform.  All you need is to switch out an SD card or place a CD/DVD into the drive.  This method isn’t for all in-car navigation systems, but most automobile companies have endeavored to make the process simple for users.  Making it simple helps to ensure that users will choose to update.

There are very few reasons why you wouldn’t want to update the GPS system in your vehicle.  In the modern world of a continually changing environment, it can be extremely beneficial.  So don’t wait and update your GPS for the new year.

For more information on updating your navigation system, check out Navigation Updates.

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Santa Needs Updated GPS to Navigate Deliveries

Navigation Updates GPSWith Thanksgiving now behind us for another twelve months, it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite time of year- Christmas! It’s certainly a hectic period.  You not only have the task of purchasing and wrapping presents for everyone on your list, but you also have the halls to deck with all your most beautiful decorations. But while the festive period is exceedingly busy for most of us, spare a thought for poor old Santa Claus. You think it’s tough finding the perfect gifts for all your nearest and dearest- try doing the same for every kid in the world!

Not only that, but Santa also has to make sure that all those presents get delivered to the right address. Even one small mistake could mean a Christmas catastrophe! How does he do it? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret- sometimes, even Santa’s reindeer can’t find the most efficient route. On a foggy Christmas Eve, it’s hard to know which path to take. Instead, he relies on a sleigh mounted GPS!

Naturally, he always uses the very latest navigation systems, because so much can change in the space of a single year. Approximately one in five routes change over a twelve-month period. Without the latest info at his fingertips, old Saint Nick just wouldn’t be able to make it across the world in a single night.

Unfortunately, navigation systems don’t update themselves. That’s why Santa-always makes sure his systems are fully upgraded before he sets out- and you should follow his example. To find the most efficient routes on the roads this Christmas, and to ensure you don’t get surprised by any road changes that might have been made since last year, keep things up-to-date.

The holiday season sees roads jam-packed with traffic, as millions of people travel to see their relatives and friends. The last thing you want is to get delayed even longer because your navigation system is on the fritz. So, whether you’re just going from point A to point B, or delivering presents to every kid in the world, be sure to arm yourself with the latest updates for your GPS system well in advance. That way, even a regular Joe can travel across town as fast as Santa’s sleigh!

Check out Navigation Updates for all the latest map updates for your GPS.

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